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Acrylic Awards & Embedments

Acrylic Awards

These awards are a modern and stylish way to recognize achievement. They are made from a clear, lightweight plastic that can be cut and shaped into a variety of designs. Acrylic awards are popular because they are:

  • Affordable: Acrylic is a relatively inexpensive material, making acrylic awards a cost-effective way to recognize achievement.
  • Durable: This product is strong and shatter-resistant, making it a good choice for awards that will be on display for many years.
  • Versatile: Acrylic can be cut, shaped, and colored to create a wide variety of award designs.
  • Customizable: They can be engraved with text, logos, or other designs to personalize them for the recipient.


Embedment products are a unique way to preserve and display cherished items. They are made from the same clear plastic as acrylic awards, but they are typically thicker and can be used to encase objects in three dimensions.

Lucite Embedments

Lucite is a specific brand name of acrylic, originally developed by DuPont in the 1930s. Lucite is generally considered to be a high-quality acrylic with excellent clarity, strength, and resistance to UV light degradation.

  • Badges: A popular use is to embed military or law enforcement badges. This creates a clear, attractive display that allows the badge to be seen from all sides.
  • Challenge coins: Similar to badges, challenge coins can be displayed in a Lucite embedment.
  • Keepsakes: Any small, treasured item can be preserved in a Lucite embedment. This could be a toy, a piece of jewelry, or a sentimental object.

Deal Toys

  • Deal toys are awards or commemorative gifts given to celebrate the closing of a major financial deal.

Lucite or Acrylic products can be customized with engraving or other personalization options. This makes them a great way to create a unique and meaningful gift or award.